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A fun break between school and homework! Our after-school programs are not only educational, they’re also loads of fun. Children engage in hands-on activities, watch spectacular demonstrations, and take home educational science-themed toys that reinforce the concepts they've learned.

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We bring the science concepts to life with our unique approach to science education. Our dynamic instructors help children learn about the fundamentals of science in unique and engaging ways! Watch and see!

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Educational Science-Themed Take-Home Toys

At the end of each after-school program class, kids get to take home an educational science-themed toy that emphasizes the science concepts they learned that day. Each class comes with a different toy!

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Happy Customers

See what parents have to say about our after-school programs!

Our son loves science! I am a high school science teacher and love that you give these opportunities for young kids! :)


Rancho Cordova, CA

My son has attended the Mad Science after-school programs every year starting from Kindergarten! We love how excited he has been after each class to tell us about the cool things his Mad Scientist did! We can't wait to do it again this year!


Greensboro, NC

When I pick up my son from school on Fridays, his energy is different from any other day. Instead of the usual response to my questioning of his day's experience - "it was fine"- I hear an enthusiastic stream of science facts and stories of experiments. When we get home, he demonstrates what he's done with the kits Mad Science gives him to take home. Thank You Mad Science!!


Boca Raton, FL



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