Refresh the classroom environment with an infusion of curriculum-enhancing, interactive workshops. Our in-class field trips are designed by educators and scientists to engage children, both at the preschool and elementary-level.

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All About Our Workshops

Our Workshop Experience

Capture your students' attention with a Mad Science workshop. Not only are they curriculum-correlated, but they're also certain to have the entire class participating!

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Our Workshops are Built to Match Your Curriculum

Mad Science workshops are correlated to your state or province's curriculum standard requirements. We ensure that all material taught throughout our programs provides added value to your students and their learning process.

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Preschool Workshops

Even the littlest learners can be inspired by our hands-on workshops. Mad Science preschool workshops cater to children ages 3 to 4, and offer fun, simple, single-subject classes that are easy for young children to absorb.

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Elementary-Level Workshops

Get your students excited about STEM-based learning through our in-class workshops. Our classes are designed to give them a new perspective on the subjects that they're learning at school.

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Here's what teachers are saying about our workshops

James visited our school today and the children absolutely loved his workshop on forces. He kept them entertained, highly amused and engaged for the whole hour. The workshop sparked lots of interest in my year six class and provoked lots of understanding and thinking. I would highly recommend Mad Science! Thanks very much!


Manchester, UK

We went from 68 percent of our students meeting the standard in science to 91 percent meeting the standard (explaining the impact of Mad Science workshops on his students' test scores).


Dallas, TX

My students enjoyed the Matter Matters in school field trip! They were excited and engaged.


Wake Forest, DC



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